Advices for wifes that have submissive husbands …..

Is your husband truly submissive?


I’ve been an online Dominatrix for few years now   and I had and have all type of submissive people serving me , but I’ve decided to write this article for their wifes . Yes wifes  because some of my subs have  great wifes that understand their fetishes , their way of being and some of them not only understand  but  even support them.

But what do you do when your husband that declared himself as submissive do not do anything a  sub should do .

Few days ago I had one of my subs telling me he did not only fail to obey me but failed to obey his wife too , and made her disappointed with him.

Why? Simple , he consider himself as being sissy slave  / cuckold , but yet he failed clean her after they had sex , he denied to lick off his cum out of her pussy and made her disappointed  once again ( since he failed before) . When he told me that he have failed I ve decided to punish him , because after all I m his Mistress . But what can the wife do?

First of all I would suggest training . And I don’t mean the Mistress type of training , but the punish we women give to our men in our life , subs or not.

What is the training? Well simple , do not allow him feel any pleasure again until he does what you wish , even if he craves for it. Make him aroused , make him crawl at your feet wishing to have sex  , and deny it!!!!Second option could be , using him . YES , using him for your pleasure , just as u use a sex toy , but do not allow him have an orgasm , buy him  a chastity cage and keep the key with you. Unlock him when you want to use him as u desire , then put him back into the cage without letting him feel any pleasure.


And the last option I use with subs that deny to taste their cum for me after they have an orgasm is this .

Let him cum once , save his cum , put it in a freezer , then start the training with the advices I gave you above , when they will get so excited that they cant think straight , they will be willing to do anything to let them have an orgasm , then you tell them if they keep the frozen cum in their mouth while having sex you ALLOW him to cum . They might deny at the beginning but after a while they will be willing to do anything , just be patient . Once he accepts , repeat the process till they actually get used with it.

Same goes with other type of training  ladies !!!

Seduce them , make them crave and crawl at your feet   and you will have everything you desire!!!


What does a Findom mean?

I’ve been thinking 2 hours  about how should  I writte  this  article , how to put it  nicely and how  to look like I m not judging anyone but here I’m sad and maybe with a bitter taste.Why?! Because well I still consider I’m new in the BDSM world so I try to learn something new everyday , It doesn’t matter if is from a member or some forums or maybe another camgirl , but this time it was Twitter as I said . But guess what I’ve learned today? Most of so called Findom ,Femdom or how they intitulate themselfs have no ideea what that really means ,the only thing they do Is asking for more more and more saying this is what means to be a submissive  . I would be a hypocrite saying I do not ask for money or that I dont think money are important . Of course they are !!!! A mistress should be worshipped , spoilled  she should recive tributes and be treated as a princess ..BUT , please BDSM mmeans lot more than just a quick way of making money . A relationship between a mistress and a submissive should still be one of give and receive . Most of submissives have their own fetishes that they dream about and want to be fullfilled and that is why the  come to us. They come to us to be dominated , physically , mentally and financially  . That is why sometimes only sometimes before asking more and more without offering anything in exchange just think what do  you offer in exchange? If your answer is nothing because I’m the domminat part means you don’t know anything about what is domination…

Hands giving money isolated on white background
“Shut up and  give me  your money “

Hungry , hungry girl…..

Sunday morning , I wake up make a coffe I get on balcony open my phone to check any news and I notice I have a mail . ” Black short business skirt, black heels, nude thigh highs, white blouse with buttons and matching black underwear, “.  That is  Mr D , he is my master, in 2 years of practicing BDSM only had 2 masters so far. Why ?! Well because they were the only one I been compatible with and really know how to make me submit and not trying to get something that i do not do by pretending to be a master and ordering.

Anyways , once I read the mail  I search in my closet and search for  black skirt , nude thigh and white blouse , I know for sure i have black matching bra and panties because is his favorite underwear. I found everything, I dress up take a picture and sent it . shortly I recive another mail . Tonight at 23:00 I m coming from work and I want a private with you, wait me dressed like that .

Is almost 23:00 I m fixing my make up , he loves red lips . I m dressed exactly as he required . I press go online and patiently wating for him to arrive. In 5 minutes he appears online and press the private button. “Take your shoes and your skirt off. Come here and kneel in front of me”. I can feel that definite flush of wetness . I drop my gaze and crosses the room and slowly lower myself  in front of him , palms up in offering on my thighs, bottom centered over my  feet, spine straight, shoulders back. This position is called Nadu, and it is how he asked to always present in front of him when I m kneeling.

“We’re celebrating the coming summer tonight, it is time.”

My eyes get bigger and sparkle more, I breath deeply  and think of what is to come.

“Hungry, hungry girl”

“Look at me. Shoulders back. Open your legs take  an ice cube and slowly tease ur clit with it , going up and down. I get an ice cube and slowly touching my clit going up and down couple of times, Is cold but I m so excited that the cube is melting fast , I moan closing my eyes , wishing to touch myself.

“Stop. I said tease not playing with yourself . Bad Bad Girl. Turn around and spank urself untill I tell you to stop”

My body is shivering , I turn around and I start slaping my ass for being a bad girl and wanting to play with myself so bad, 1.2, 3…147,148,149,150 .

“Stop now and let me look at  your ass ”

My ass is so red , hurting and is burning.

” Will you try to play with yourself again without my permission? ”

No Master , I ‘m sorry master .

“Turn around , unbutton your blouse, and take off  your bra, let me see you completely naked”

I’m naked in front of him, naked of clothes and naked of prejudice . I slowly rise my head and look into the screen waiting for his next order.

“Get your clamps and put them on your nipples. Lay back open your legs and get the hitachi and turn it on level 1″

I put my clamps on, they hurt but the pleasure is bigger than the pain, I lay down open my legs and turon on hitachi at level 1. My pussy is getting wet and I want so bad to press to the next level. Master may I change to level 2?!

” No . Stop  and look at me”

My legs are trembling and I want to cum so bad  . But….

(to be continued)


How I discovered the pleasure for BDSM

Well it was like 2 years ago , I used to work on a webside but as a non adult model ( non adult models /performers are not allowed to get naked ) usually some girls broke the rules and the site close their eyes because of the money , happends to all sites I guess but when I m new I try to stick by the rules , anyways first day there and a guy comes in private chat and ask me if I am willing to do a roleplay show. Well I explained that in my category is not allowed to be naked or  tease etc  and I was dissapointed that my first private will end so fast. But guess what? He tells me that he has no intentions in seeing me naked and his way of playing is different. I listened carefully to what he was saying , i was :O about his tools and I had no Ideea how could I use them but I said yes I agree if he is willing to colaborate into helping me. We started and I remembered I’ve seen a movie a while ago where the main lead was a real life mistress and she was ordering to her slaves to kneel . In the moment I told him in your kneese and seen him kneeling in front of me I had a strange overwelming feeling, I felt powerfull and I felt that he is my toy. He showed me a rope and some clamps ( wich I knew there are used for nipples , seen some other girls use it so I assumed for me is same use) a very tin metal stick and paddle. I had no ideea what should I tell him to do with the rope but he helped the way and said ” Mistress may I tie my balls for  you? ” I was a bit shocked but I told him ” Yes  you may” next he asked if he can use his clamps and I allowed him but I sort of gave him the wrong order saying he should use them for his nipples , but then he suggest that having them on his balls would be more painfull. We were on the good track but I was thinking what the heel is he gona do with that metal stick , but I did not give up and wanted to find all the use for it and how far he will go , I also felt like this is very interesting and I should know more. So I asked him what will he do with that metal stick to pleasure me ( to be honest I was thinking he will use it in his ass or something like that  but I suggested so that should look like I really have no ideea) and he replay ” I will fuck my peehole for  you mistress” and I was like , wait what? whats peehole lol ( my english is not the best since is not my main language so I didnt know some terms) . So all I could say was ” In your peehole?” and he might knew I dont know what is it so he showed , I got scared, I was wondering if is not dangerous? maybe is too painfull? why would he do something like that? and suddenly had this ideea ” yes you may but first put that metal stick into alchool ” I was afraid he might get sick or some complications I didnt really think  that alchool would bring him more pain 😀 and he did , my face looked like I was watching a horror movie but I couldnt help but luck then i ordered him to stop and let the metal stick inside while he slap his cock with the wood spoon. After a while I ordered him to cum but with the metal stick in , I did not know is harder or more painfull I was just curious about something else, I was wondering if he can cum with that in and he did . He said thank you mistress and asked for permission to get the rope clamps and metal stick off , I allowed him to  , he wished me a good night and left. But he did not know he left me with 100 questions and with the desire of knowing and wanting more . That was the day I decided I need to know more about this and maybe experience more. Now I know what he wanted , he wanted CBT and now I am more cruel when comes to it , is one of my favorite , maybe because it was my first.

My first experience as a camgirl

When I was 16 years old I felt in  love with a guy 10 years older , I was so inlove that when my parents wanted to sent me to a high school fat wawy from home to get me away from him I ran away from home with him! Well the love (his love) didnt last long so i ened up alone in a city where I didnt know anyone , and damn I swear my pride and ego is bigger than me ( I know i m not that tall but yet 😀 ) and I did not return back home . I found out from some friends about what in my country is called videochat so I decided to go to an interview in a studio. I was almost 18 years old and the lady from there told me I should return when I am 18 and I did so. On my birthday I went again, I still remember what she asked me first time ” what do you think is videochat and what do you think you do while online” my answer was short but straight lol ” I know I have to get naked ” because that is what people thought this job is all about. She start laughing and told me that at least I will not have problems in getting naked . So they made me the accounts and in 2 days I was there with a screen and a cam and 4 sites lol , she explained a lil bit about each of them but I was so nervous that i forgot all , she left and told me good luck. I was standing there staring at screen dressed in a transparent red babydoll dress waiting, I did not even know what I was waiting for . My first private was with a french guy I still remember how he looked like , maybe because was first you know, the first one taking my “virginity” and he asked me to undress , I did it as fast as I could I was afraid that he will run , but I was feeling a bit akward thinking well I am not having the best body , will he like me ? Does he think I am sexy? He said ” wow” and in that moment I felt like was the best compliment of my life lol then he asked to show my pussy close up , I felt embarassed but I did it and start touching myself ,I do not know if because I really wanted to please him or I was excited because I liked to be watched  was like one of my fantasies became true , but I start rubbing my clit and finger myself and I felt like all this time I didnt knew how to masturbate properly and that very moment was discovering the pleasure , I forgot about the guy , I forgot where I was , I lied down and start discover my own sexuality . I had one of the best orgasm of my life . And in that right moment I knew this will be what I m going to do for  long time. In tht day I’ve heard so many compliments that when I got out from work I was walking on street like I was queen B :)))) and was axious to return the next day .


My name is Ana and I am a fetish /alternative camgirl since 2011 .

Here you will discover more about me and my pasion for  Bondage & Discipline / Domination & Submission / Sadism & Masochism. Even if I been a cam girl for almost 5 years I discovered  the passion for BDSM 2 years ago and I become addicted to this type of life style. I m not really submissive , because even when I did not know about BDSM I couldnt submit to other people in cam or day by day life (well there are few exceptions) but I would not say that this is something impossible , I still wait for the perfect master . So if you are interested in my stories/experience I invite you to read my blog . Thank you